Thoughts and Ideas are not carved in stone. They are the forrest to be explored.


Happy Birthday, Dad.

I've missed you a lot as of late. There is so much that has happened that I would love to discuss with you. Everything from the Trump election, the recent Grammy's, relationships, The Reverent Few's shows at the Saxon Pub (I really wish you could have been at that...


The Wood Brothers, consisting of Oliver Wood, Chris Wood, and Jano Rix, has become one of my all-time favorite bands, and I'd like to explain why.

When I was living in Chicago in the midst of the exciting transition of Wicker Park from the seed of artsy hipsters to trendy bros-ville, I...


My heart is broken for those who have lost their trust in those who have inspired creativity, honesty, and confidence, but we have all been duped from minute one. OUR HEROES ARE NOT GODS.

First, I must acknowledge those who were and are directly effected by the behavior of those addressed...


I woke up this morning after a peaceful night's sleep, browsed Facebook, and immediately my sunny disposition was invaded by bleak, ominous clouds that block the light source that usually warms my day.

Tom Petty's looming end touches on a personal level, having seen his masterful...


My days start with coffee and a declaration of either, "Today is the day," or "Tomorrow will be the day." An afternoon free from work and obligations places me in my favorite chair next to my favorite table (handcrafted by my late father,) sipping on my favorite beverage (coffee,) ready to do...